Congress, War, Veterans, America…scandals abound — 3 Comments

  1. Even from Maryland now I cannot imagine not having Tony’s work in my life. An admitted newsaholic, even after 35+ years away from Philadelphia, at every important news event I would want to know what Tony did with it. We spoke a couple of times and I conveyed this to him, noting that among so many favorites, to me, his finest hour was when I stopped my car to see what he had done on the day after the attempted killing of the pope. It was a simple crucifix made out of two rifles. Though not a Catholic, I just sat in my car and wept and wept. I went to great efforts each December to get the hard copy of the Inquirer’s annual review of his work somewhere in the Washington area. He was by far the very best of his craft and his wit, knowledge and art shall be with us forever. Thank you, Tony, for it all. You shall be sorely missed. Kay Elfant, Maryland

  2. How timeless is Tony’s work, when we can draw parallels even in his passing? What is terrorizing our veterans more than ever is being brought to war; only to find years later they created a monster in ISIL, and are hardly given the support the deserve on their return. Even then, I could argue they would have been far safer and the country could have been far safer had they not been so patriotic and loving to want to help a thoughtless government. It is a shame to lose Tony; it is a shame that a piece of insight that helps us search inward is no longer there to guide us.

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