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  1. On Radio Times this morning (loved the interview) you committed the sis of sins in the Computer -Apple etc. world. Youi mentioned that you were using/drawing on your iPad with your favorite “app” and then you didn’t mention what it was. Also at the end you indicated (?) you were producing iPad video’s. Where/how ??

    Been a WHYY (radio) member for years. Looking forward to being able to follow you – when I figure out how.
    Bill Barlen – Allentown NJ

  2. Dear Mr. Auth,

    My name is Liza and I am a critical care nurse at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, PA. There is a plastic surgeon here by the name of Christian Subbio. Dr. Subbio has touched my heart in a way that I can not express for the care he has given a patient that I have grown very fond of. The patient who is only 14 and I were trying to find a way to thank him for his effort, time and care. So I started investigating and it led me to Gloria Hoffner. She wrote an article in the Inquirer (1993) about a greeting card contest that Subbio won. I contacted her in hopes of tracking down a copy of that card, to gift it to him (no luck). In our emails she mention how Subbio looked at you as his hero, and was able to meet you once in the past. I was hoping that you could maybe draw something for him from Edward and I to show our appreciation. Of course I am happy to pay for your service, and believe he will be very touch since after all you are his hero. He is a very talented plastic surgeon but art remains his passion. I hope you will consider our humble request, and anticipated hearing from you soon.

    With warm regards,
    Liza Alvarez

    • Hi Liza,
      I regret that I won’t be able to help with this request, as I am extremely busy illustrating Chris Satullo’s annual Christmas story. It’s our fifteenth, believe it or not. Again, I’m sorry not to be able to help, and hope you understand.

  3. I enjoyed your most recent posting with Mitt waving a saber and a warhead. I would only add, if there were another arm or another placard, “and we can pay for it on this credit card“. Perhaps that`s too obvious, or not.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Dear Mr Auth,

    It was a pleasure to hear you speak this afternoon in Doylestown. Thank you for signing our copy of your delightful book. So happy to have found you online as my husband and I are part of your generation and still prefer to get our news from the paper and keep ourselves private. Your work is artistically rendered and precise in perspective and content. All best, Judith Shuster

  5. What do you think of the idea of John Boehner leading the funeral march for the Republican Party?? I’d love to see your take.
    Joe L
    Newtown Square

  6. Hey Tony, I am a senior in High School and I was wondering if you would let me use the picture of the man holding the NIKE sign with all of the children underneath him. They are making shoes and they are petrified. My project is on Child Labor in Sweatshops. I will not be releasing this slide show and nobody will be able to get a copy of it. I will give all of the credit to you.

    • We would be happy to let you use the drawing. Please credit: Courtesy of The Tony Auth Archives. We would also like to know the grade you get on your presentation. Good luck.

  7. I am in an abortion funding nonprofit group and we are working on our fundraising letter. We are interested in using the cartoon with the sharks about how abortion is still available. Is it possible to get permission to use it?

  8. I do a lot of death education and try to use humor to loosen people up for the challenging conversations we want to have way upstream. I would like to get permission to use the cartoon from 12-30-10 on the End of Life Conversation. Is it possible and, if so, what should I do next? Thanks.

  9. Is this site still active? I found some correspondence in 1975 between Tony and my grandfather regarding a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize

  10. I would like permission to post Tony’s Cartoon titled “Natural Automobile” 1970 to my close Facebook friends on Arbor Day 2018. Published by Sawyer Press L.A., Ca. A Students Guide to Ecology by Joe Paxton, and ecological primer from “Do It Now”.
    Cordially yours

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