Inquirer Retrospective

“Inquirer staff editorial cartoonist Tony Auth ends his 41-year career at the Inquirer today. Here is a retrospective of work by the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner.”


Inquirer Retrospective — 3 Comments

  1. Good luck to you ongoing.
    How can I get a copy of the very funny cartoon you drew years ago of Frank Rizzo curled up in Wiliam Penn’s hat on top of City Hall?It was a treasure.

    Thanks so much.

  2. My wife and I enjoyed the retrospective very much. The sad thing is that many of the cartoons of the 70’s and 80’s are still relevant today, the problems still exist. Thank you, Tony, for the exhibit and for your continuing your work on Newsworks.
    JP & CP

  3. I’m afraid unless you have the date on which the cartoon was published, I couldn’t possibly find it. My electronic database only goes back to 1995 or so.

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